Video poker bonuses and their types

You can have your video poker bonus by creating your account on . Registering on this site is easy and involves just a few steps. If you are underage, your membership would be declined automatically. Add your preferred payment method to your casino account while registering.

Video Poker Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are awarded almost immediately after you register yourself on your casino. There are two kinds of Deposit Bonuses- Matching Deposits and Non- Matching Deposits. The former matches your deposit; you deposit 100 USD, and you receive the same amount as bonus.

Non Matching Deposits

This bonus may be x2 or x3 your deposit amount. So if your first deposit is $100, your casino might award you $200 or more as your first deposit bonus. On your second deposit of the same amount, you again receive $200. This continues up to a limit.

Free Spins from your casino

If you are lucky enough, your casino might also award you other things in your Welcome Offer like Free Spins. These other offerings can help you win other games such as slots. Take note of the terms and conditions governing your Welcome Offer.

No Deposit Bonuses

Your Welcome Bonus offer might have a No Deposit Bonus. This is given to players who don't make any deposits. Does every player receive this bonus? Not necessarily, there are a handful of casinos that are this generous. No Deposit Bonuses are generally smaller in size than the Deposit Bonuses.

All the bonuses that we have talked about come with certain terms and conditions, and you can read these T7C's by scrolling down your casino's home page. Some bonuses are hidden from players, but with a little bit of persistence, you can find them.

High Roller Video Poker bonuses

Video Poker is an intensely rewarding game. Some players have scored more than a thousand dollars in this game, and most of them are high rollers. These players wager more than the average ones and thus receive high roller bonuses from their online casinos.

High Roller bonuses explained

Typically, you receive these bonuses upon depositing $1,000 or more upon registration. In return the casino gives either the same amount or more as a high roller bonus. Players receiving this bonus get special offers and invites to exclusive casino and entertainment events. Read your casino's Terms and Conditions.

Reload Bonuses

If you keep reloading your casino account quite frequently, you might receive a Reload Bonus. This is a reward for sticking around with your casino. The more you deposit, higher will be your bonus amount. Reload bonuses are separate from your Welcome Bonus Offer.

Other bonuses

Sometimes casinos offer bonuses to players when they sign up through a specific source. For example, if you clicked a particular link while signing up, you could receive a special bonus. Casinos, sometimes can reward you for loading your account in a specific way, like through payment wallets, etc.

Online casinos and monthly promotions

Casinos just look out for any occasion to roll out their bonuses. These promotions could be monthly or seasonal. With Christmas around, expect many online casinos to offer video poker bonuses. Online gambling sites also offer bonuses and promotions during lean seasons, so keep an eye for them.

Video Poker bonuses and payment gateways

Sometimes, you need to have a different payment gateway to manage your bonuses. It has been seen that some payment channels like payment wallets do not accept bonus based winnings. The same holds true in the case of credit and debt cards. Check with your casino in this case.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Your video poker bonus is non transferable. Often , this bonus is given to just one person per household or per IP address. Casino bonuses come with shelf lives; you need to consume your bonus within a time frame, else it would lapse and you would lose your virtual money.