Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

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Anxiety can be defined as a particular case of unnecessary fear from some upcoming event and it shows a lack of confidence in the individual. It can be considered normal up to a certain level and can prove helpful for many people in achieving their targets and goals but sometimes it goes beyond that level and takes the form of what is called an anxiety disorder which may lead to some serious consequences also. Overcoming perfomance anxiety is very important for any individual because it will harm the social life of the person as well as make him uncomfortable while talking or dealing with new and stranger people and they also feel frightened when going to new places and trying new things which they are not familiar with.

public speaking anxiety

Public speaking anxiety is a very common visible symptom of such a disorder where an individual is unable to speak properly in front of the public or even a small gathering. There is an inherent fear in his mind about that if he speaks that there is going to be something wrong and he cannot take the risk for that. Sometimes people try to speak in spite of public speaking anxiety but fail to express themselves properly. They start stammering, forget what they were up to or even show anger over some unnecessary thing or object which they should not do but they are unable to help it out. People try hard for overcoming social anxiety and also overcoming perfomance anxiety because it causes a lot of harm to them but it requires first to understand the root cause of such a disorder in that individual.

Different people can have different reasons for suffering with anxiety disorder and this can be anything. Successive failures in some initiatives automatically instill a fear for doing it again. When you try to speak and someone interrupts and doesn’t listens to you then also it can lead to public speaking anxiety and it can be both psychological as well as physiological problem due to which an individual may feel anxiety disorder and it can degrade other features also like affect the studies and degrade the performance in job if he is employed somewhere in a company. The case of anxiety disorder should not be mistaken with fear as both are entirely different things and have separate causes, symptoms and methods to cure or eradicate them completely. Broadly speaking, fear from something is a possible damage or menace or mishap which can happen in future and may not happen too but anxiety is a fear from a damage which is not possible from the associated event due to which it is caused and even the upcoming event may not occur.

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