Meditation and Acupuncture For Anxiety

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Due to increasing cases of anxiety disorder in individuals, the process of curing or eradicating it has also been searched a lot. Nowadays a very common question is how to deal with stress and anxiety? And there is no straight forward solution to this problem. The problem is not related to some physiological problem or shortcoming and neither is it associated to some surgical method which can be used to cure the disorder. In fact it is a completely mental case and can be solved only by advanced psychology by using various counseling methods and ways to inhibit the lowered self-confidence of the individual and also to boost up the personal morale of him to make him believe that he can do the job without any fault or mistake or can speak out in the public on some topic or burning issue in an effective way.

Moreover talking broadly about the effects of anxiety disorder, it is proved that it causes no serious harm until it is under a certain threshold level. In fact many people find it useful in achieving their goals and targets as it makes them work harder as a fear of losing or defeat or failing. Two of the most common and successful methods of curing the disorder are acupuncture for anxiety and meditation for anxiety.

As we all know that both of them are proved ways of curing serious diseases which cannot be cured even by recent advance allopathic medicines or surgery. The first one which is acupuncture for anxiety is a process in which medicated thin needles are pinched throughout the human body at certain specific points called the acupunture point. These needles tend to relax the nervous system and boost up the working of the brain. The method can be painful sometimes as the body is pinched with needles and it may cause immense pain.

acupuncture for anxiety

Meditation for anxiety

Meditation for anxiety is the second popular method of curing the anxiety disorder in any individual and it comprises of practicing meditation to make the mind calm and function smoothly along with very strong focus on concentrating on a particular thing so that the brain is overhauled from every part and it starts working in the proper way.

Meditation is the technique of concentrating immensely without getting disturbed by external parameters and tries to be in that state as long as possible. When an individual suffering from such disorder tries the steps, he first will not be able to do it correctly because his mind will not be focused but slowly as the time passes and he practices with firm determination to cure the disorder slowly, he can meditate for longer durations which show that he is cured.


Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

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Anxiety can be defined as a particular case of unnecessary fear from some upcoming event and it shows a lack of confidence in the individual. It can be considered normal up to a certain level and can prove helpful for many people in achieving their targets and goals but sometimes it goes beyond that level and takes the form of what is called an anxiety disorder which may lead to some serious consequences also. Overcoming perfomance anxiety is very important for any individual because it will harm the social life of the person as well as make him uncomfortable while talking or dealing with new and stranger people and they also feel frightened when going to new places and trying new things which they are not familiar with.

public speaking anxiety

Public speaking anxiety is a very common visible symptom of such a disorder where an individual is unable to speak properly in front of the public or even a small gathering. There is an inherent fear in his mind about that if he speaks that there is going to be something wrong and he cannot take the risk for that. Sometimes people try to speak in spite of public speaking anxiety but fail to express themselves properly. They start stammering, forget what they were up to or even show anger over some unnecessary thing or object which they should not do but they are unable to help it out. People try hard for overcoming social anxiety and also overcoming perfomance anxiety because it causes a lot of harm to them but it requires first to understand the root cause of such a disorder in that individual.

Different people can have different reasons for suffering with anxiety disorder and this can be anything. Successive failures in some initiatives automatically instill a fear for doing it again. When you try to speak and someone interrupts and doesn’t listens to you then also it can lead to public speaking anxiety and it can be both psychological as well as physiological problem due to which an individual may feel anxiety disorder and it can degrade other features also like affect the studies and degrade the performance in job if he is employed somewhere in a company. The case of anxiety disorder should not be mistaken with fear as both are entirely different things and have separate causes, symptoms and methods to cure or eradicate them completely. Broadly speaking, fear from something is a possible damage or menace or mishap which can happen in future and may not happen too but anxiety is a fear from a damage which is not possible from the associated event due to which it is caused and even the upcoming event may not occur.

Tips On Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

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There are several individuals who face social anxiety in different phases of their lives. Those who are highly introverts are the ones who are highly prone to this syndnrome. Anxiety or panic in adults and teens can cause avoidance of the social situations that cause individuals to feel anxious. Given below are some of the ways that help you in dealing with social anxiety.

Find the source that leads to panic-: this is one of the best ways of dealing with anxiety attacks. You need to find out the main reason that leads to this problem initially. Childhood experiences and memories with social anxiety is the key in many cases while some may be facing this syndome because of self-esteem or self-image issues. After the root cause for panic is obtained, you can find ways of tailoring this issue.

overcoming social anxiety and shyness

A deep breath can be helpful-: a deep breathing exercise means inhaling deeply inside and exhaling out slowly so as to deep cleaning breaths. This exercise is going to help in lowering your panic levels prior to entering social situations that lead to increased stress. A deep breathing exercise will promote a feeling of calmness that will be helpful for people who are going to attempt social situations that provoke panic.

Take baby steps-: coping or overcoming with panic attacks cannot be done in a giant step. People who are really determined towards dealing with anxiety attacks should take baby steps for decreasing the syndrome levels in different social situations. If they are to attend a big party, they should practice going to some smaller events. This will enhance their confidence levels as well as help them in preparing for bigger panic-provoking situations.

Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

Awareness regarding self-talk messages-: social anxiety becomes worse when people send themselves messages that are cognitive. Messages here means self-talk can cause hindrance in the process towards dealing with stress and anxiety. If you feel that negative thoughts are coming to your mind because of self-talk messages then your stress level will increase. The best way is to be attentive of self-talk messages especially in social situations. Replace negative thoughts with positive and affirming thoughts.

dealing with stress and anxietyHave a known person who can assist you in new situations-: for many people, stress and social anxiety can be lowered if they don’t enter some social situation alone. Relatives, friends, or someone who is supportive will be good to be around with, especially when you are going to some new social situation. Moreover, it will decrease because people will feel comfortable and known person will be of great assistance to people who become anxious about social situations.

Positive affirmations-: there are many who feel stress in public will impair them from creating social relationships or visiting some social event. Public speaking, mandatory celebrations or parties, class presentations, work duties, etc. can cause anxiety. Here, positive affirmations will be helpful which should be written on posting or index cards at home so that people can cope up with this syndrome.

How To Deal With Social Anxiety

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People often find socializing to be one of the best cures for a bad day. A day out with friends is apparently, a remedy most people would choose in order to get over a bad mood or even a bad phase. Indeed, one’s social milieu is important for that person’s development both mentally as well as behaviorally.

overcoming social anxiety and shyness

However, there are some people who might not be that comfortable in socializing or making friends. These people are considered to be inept at initiating any association with any person, due to their own inhibitions. It is their inhibitions or fears that hold them back and are often the cause of personality developmental disorders in such people. This problem is termed as social analysts by experts. In this condition, people prefer to be on their own, without socializing much or as much as making an effort to strike a conversation with someone. Further, many experts say that it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate between the usual shyness of a person and social anxiety, which in turn delays early detection and is often undertreated. Coming to the question of ‘how to deal with social anxiety?’ people can be assured that this condition can indeed be treated but both patients as well as their kith and kin need to be patient, for there is no such thing as overnight success in this case.

Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

People can definitely get rid of this condition by overcoming social anxiety step by step. The first step in this direction would be to analyze the reasons behind the panic or fear that such people feel while interacting in the society. Once they realize how baseless their fears are, they would themselves feel to be more confident than before. Further another thing that they should understand that people are not always judging them, thus they can afford to not be always ‘at their best’. After this one should start out in small ways or small steps. They can do this deciding on small goals for a day.

For instance, they can decide that they would interact with two people each day in their workplace or their neighborhood, no matter what happens. People can also become a member of book clubs or societies or anything that may interest them and that involves discussion. This way, they can not only expand their skills and hence make a huge improvement in overcoming social anxiety step by step but also make new friends.

Communication plays an important part in overcoming social anxiety and shyness, as by communicating only can people unburden their minds of unnecessary ideas, fears and inhibitions. In case people do let something slip that is embarrassing or stupid, then they should tell themselves that is perfectly normal to do that. Most people in a group are hardly interested in knowing about how stupidly a person once behaved in their lives. They are more or less interested how they can strike a productive conversation that via a symbiotic relationship. Thus, as can be seen that overcoming social anxiety and shyness is not a Herculean task, it only takes a little patience on the part of people to see themselves through this condition.

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